The Story of Kelli Knight


I'm a home grown Southeast Louisianian. I love the culture. I love the people, and I LOVE a great story. Through multitudes of talks with my grandmother I've learned a lot of cool things and she’s told us many amusing and compelling stories. My dad tells lots of engaging and humorous tales, too. As a family, we've never been known as short with dialogue. I come from a large family (two parents, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers) and expanded it by starting my own (I got married and had 2 kids). Relatives and the unique, Louisiana culture have influenced me in many ways and I hope the nuances show in my writing.
The first published piece I wrote was featured in school newsletter during second grade. Believe me, it was a proud moment for my mother. Since then I haven't stopped writing, except to get married, change diapers, and carpool. (Even then I kept a notepad around for jotting down impulse thoughts.) My bachelors degree from LSU.
 I’ve written for The Red Cross in Southeast Louisiana, Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine, and LaFASA.
I LOVE the stories I write and the characters I create. I think they are wonderful enough that others would enjoy them - why else would I bring them all together if I didn't want to share them. My stories are fiction, but based on natural human tendencies and I believe most anyone can relate, understand, and enjoy.

I love God and tribute Him with my talents. I love my family. I'm an optimist. I think all people can reach their greatness, whatever a person defines as his or her greatness. I’m a romantic at heart, and again, I LOVE a good story. Hopefully all these ingredients bake just right so that my books have human elements and qualities that engage and entertain readers. I read this in an article, “Our gifts are not from God to us, but from God THROUGH us to give to others.” It nailed my biggest reason for writing. I just want people to enjoy a great story.