I'm getting excited!!!

It's been a long journey, but Love for Dunces is almost ready to share with the whole world! It started 11 years ago. I tried selling Mary Kay in support for my mom and also I thought I might make some extra money. I joined my mom, sister in law, sister, and friends in November of 2003 at a retreat that was fun and refreshing, but it wasn't near as fulfilling for me as it was for the majority of the women there. The good thing that came from this episode was it gave me time to think.

I left the event and headed for TwiRoPa in New Orleans. My purpose…to hit the Duran Duran concert, one of many I’ve attended in my lifetime. "D squared" had been the subject of an infinite number of hours of daydreaming when I was in high school. On that long drive I dreamed that maybe, since they didn’t need all the security that was necessary back in the 80’s, just maybe I might be able to meet the band. While I didn’t, this experience spawned thoughts of how many other fans might be hoping to meet them, also. Every generation has girls that dream of meeting their favorite band. I grabbed my writing notebook and began scribbling away at the concept of what would become Love For Dunces. At the time I had turned my creative writing outlet to screenwriting. When I got home from the concert, I began the screenplay knowing that there is a huge audience that would relate to the storyline. Now, screenplays are a funny thing. Not a whole lot of people other than friends and someone who is paid to do coverage get to read them.

Enter my daughter in 2011. She was experiencing all the things I experienced in high school. My daughter has pledged her undying love to a talented group of five guys from the UK, just as I did to D2. I knew she would love my story. But, screenplays are hard to read…especially for an 11 year old. I realized what I had to do. With the onset of self-publishing, I knew I needed to turn my screenplay into a novel and share the fantasy with all the people who obsessed over meeting a celebrity crush.

Once again I wrote after work and fulfilling my extracurricular volunteer duties and after making sure my family didn't need anything else for the day .... night after night, most nights not being able to hit the computer until 10 or 11. Many times I fell asleep in mid thought, but I knew it would all be worth it in the end. I just adore this story. It makes me smile.

While for most people, reality is the biggest love story of all, it doesn’t mean it’s not fun to reminisce about the dreams we had as teens.

If you’re one of millions of girls who spent endless hours of your life wishing to meet the members of your fave band, then you will totally get this story.

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